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I write and produce videos, podcasts, and multimedia stories for Nebraska Public Media, the state's PBS & NPR station. I also freelance, producing work for All Things Considered, Latino USA, the Food and Environment Reporting Network, and numerous print magazines.

For Nebraska Public Media, I am currently producing a podcast about skateboarding culture in the Midwest. Previously, I have written and produced a PBS Digital 360° video series about the Platte Basin Watershed, a short film about the history and current state of conservation of the American bison, and a podcast about the Farm Bill, co-sponsored by Harvest Public Media and FERN.

My photographs have appeared in Bloomberg Businessweek, The Guardian, Harper’s, Huffington Post, In These Times, Maclean’s, Mother Jones, The Nation, The New Republic, and OnEarth

My book, Nature’s Mirror: How Taxidermists Shaped America's Natural History Museums and Saved Endangered Species, was published by the University of Chicago Press in December 2020.

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2020 :: Regional Edward R. Murrow Award, 
            Producer, Multimedia
, Small

            Market Television for "Watershed"

2020 :: Eric Sevareid First Place Award, 
            Producer, Team Multimedia Storytelling –
              News, Large Media Organization

            for "Watershed"

2019 :: Heartland Emmy Award, Producer,
            Short Format Program – Entertainment
            for "Under the Milky Way"

2019 :: Heartland Emmy Award, Producer,
            Short Format Program – Informational
            for "Return of the American Bison"

2019 :: Heartland Emmy Award, Finalist,
            Writer, Short Format Program
            for "Return of the American Bison"

2019 :: Heartland Emmy Award, Finalist,

            Producer, Interactive Media
            for "Modern Farming on the Great Plains"

2019 :: Eric Sevareid First Place Award,
            Producer, Team Multimedia Storytelling –
            News, Large Media Organizations
            for "On the Table"


2019 :: National Association of Broadcasters
            Marconi Radio Awards Finalist, Producer,
            Best Radio Podcast of the Year
            for "On the Table"

2018 :: Heartland Emmy Award, Story Producer,
            Environment – Program or Feature
            for "Prairie Fire"

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