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A Radio Documentary

Maira Mendez's parents work at a massive pork processing plant in Nebraska. Last March, as meatpacking plants across the nation quickly became invisible hotspots for the coronavirus, it became clear to her that the plant, owned by Smithfield Foods, wasn't able to ensure social distancing or provide enough protective equipment. Maira was alarmed at the conditions—
and that workers found it difficult to speak up. So she became part of a group called the "The Children of Smithfield," joining other family members of meatpacking workers, to begin calling for action from the plant and the state. Co-reported with Esther Honig for NPR's Latino USA.


ON THE TABLE: A Farm Bill Podcast


Finalist for the 2019 National Association of Broadcasters
Marconi Award for Podcast of the Year

Winner of the Eric Sevareid, Midwest Broadcast Journalists

Association, First Place Award for Multimedia Storytelling

”On the Table” is a 12-part podcast series sharing the stories of where our food comes from, the people who make it, and how one law could change everything. Join host Grant Gerlock as he serves up the Farm Bill in delectable audio morsels that take a step back from your breakfast bowl, your dinner plate, and get a wider view of how all this will affect your life.

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Episode 1: Meet the Farm BillOn the Table
00:00 / 19:24
Episode 2: SNAP - Fighting HungerOn the Table
00:00 / 28:33
Episode 3: Heart and SoilOn the Table
00:00 / 24:17
Episode 4: Growing OrganicOn the Table
00:00 / 25:49
Episode 5: A Golden Age of Farm BillsOn the Table
00:00 / 20:04
Episode 6: Paying Nature's DebtOn the Table
00:00 / 21:02
Episode 7: Bill Past DueOn the Table
00:00 / 13:59
Episode 8: The MisfitsOn the Table
00:00 / 21:46
Episode 9: A New Hope for HempOn the Table
00:00 / 21:38
Episode 10: The Fight Over Forest FiresOn the Table
00:00 / 27:22
Episode 11: Finally, A Farm Bill!On the Table
00:00 / 26:30
Episode 12: Connecting to the FutureOn the Table
00:00 / 22:21
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